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A walk in the woods

Sloth, Panama We actually had a few hours without rain yesterday so we went for a walk towards the San Lorenzo National Park. We were thrilled to spot a sloth in a tree trying to get comfortable! We had seen one sloth last year but it was hard to get a picture of it. Apparently the sloths are a little more active right now as it is breeding season.
Toucan, Panama We spotted about half a dozen toucans flying about as well as lots of parrots.
We were only able to walk to the entrance of the park. The park has been closed because the road has collapse due to the all the rain!
The one other benefit of no rain was a beautiful sunset over the marina.
Sunset, Panama

Leaving Miami

Leaving Miami harbour, Jan 2009 We left Miami on January 6th for an overnight sail to Gun Cay in the Bahamas.  We had planned on just anchoring outside the harbour until early evening before heading across the Gulf Stream.  When we got out we found great wind and decided to spend some time sailing as we had not had the opportunity to sail Snowaway much. 

Bahamas We had a great sail across but then had to motor until dawn before going south of Gun Cay onto the Great Bahamas Banks and anchor for the day/night.  There was a good lighthouse to help with our directions around the south end of the cay. 

And then we were treated to our first Bahamian sunset. Bahamas