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Sint Maarten

Richard and Steve We have arrived in St Maarten after a great sail from Sint Eustatius. We booked into Simpson Bay Marina for a week as we need to have our diesel engine looked at. We have been seeing small air bubbles in our racor filters and when we try to start, we always have to bump up the rpms. The specialist came over yesterday and told us that there was air at the secondary filter which probably causing the hard starting. And he said the air is not normal. Of course, Caliber claims the air is normal and not to worry about it. So now we are not sure what to do….
We were thrilled when we arrived to discover several cruisers here: Mark and Velma on Kardia with whom we had spent several wonderful days with on St Lucia, and Steve on Broad Reaching. We have not seen Steve since the US Virgin islands last April and it was great to catch up with all his news.
Karen twisted her ankle the other night on the way to dinner. So a few days are required for that to mend before we can head off to the Virgin Islands, trying to catch up with Steve again! It will also give us a chance to update the blog. We have got our netbook working again so watch for updates.