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Bungalows Corona

We have arrived at Bungalows Corona in San Patricio Melaque (we just call it Melaque) where we will spend the next 2 months. It has a nice Mexican decor and I think we will be very happy here. Bungalows Corona, Nov2016

Bungalows Corona Living space, Nov2016Richard has already set up his computer and gotten onto the internet; the internet seems as fast as we have in Calgary!

Bungalows Corona kitchen, Nov2016The kitchen is a bit basic but it has the most important item: a coffee maker! We normally drank instant coffee on the sailboat so this will be a nice improvement. Now if we can just get the stove to work!

Karen at Restaurant Leovy, Nov2016We are a half block from the beach where there are several restaurants to try. This is Restaurant Leovy right at the closest entrance to the beach where we had our first lunch. And this is the view of the beach…

Beach at Melaque, Nov2016