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Leaving Trinidad

We have left Trinidad, probably not to return on Snowaway. We have enjoyed our time there as it is very cruiser friendly. There is a cruiser’s radio net every morning including Sundays at 8 am on VHF 68. The net provides weather, help, social activities and local services. Sadie from Kiss while providing excellent weather reports also provided us with check in info for Grenada, St Vincent and the ABCs.
Power Boats, Trinidad We have left our boat every season with Power Boats. The office staff, fronted by Charlene and Simone, are very helpful, including arranging services for us. Rico came aboard Snowaway regularly while we were home in Canada, ensuring that she was always in perfect condition when we returned to her. Power Boats, Trinidad And Michael, the Travelift driver, always got Snowaway out of and back into the water without incident. We could not be happier with the service we received from Power Boats.
Jesse James of Members Only Maxi Taxi provides weekly transportation for the cruisers to three major stores and the local farmers market as well as Tuesday night at the movies. Jesse also arranges sightseeing trips. We were pleased to have travelled with him to visit Asa Wright Nature Centre (twice), the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to see the scarlet ibis (national bird of Trinidad), the Nariva mangrove swamp, the Angostura distillery (home of the infamous Bitters), to see steel pan construction, and to hear an international steel pan competition, and of course to see the leather back turtles laying their eggs (twice).
Roti Hut at Power Boats, Trinidad In the Power Boats yard is the Roti Hut, our favorite lunch spot. We had their veggie roti or buss up shot every second day during our time in Trinidad. One needs to be there by noon or they can run out of food! And also on site is Sails, a restaurant that makes the best callaloo soup we have had in the Caribbean. Their Wednesday night barbequed kabobs are a special treat.
Crews Inn, Trinidad Just before we get hauled out and once we splash down we like to spend a few nights at Crews Inn Marina. They have a very nice swimming pool to help one cool down after a day of working on the boat. Once a month they have a cocktail party to thank the cruisers which includes rum punch and appies. The shopping complex has a café, a restaurant (with great she-crab soup and pumpkin soup), a grocery store, a wine store, and the Customs and Immigration offices. A very easy lifestyle for the cruisers….

Back in Trinidad

Snowaway, Trinidad We are now back at Power Boats preparing Snowaway to go back into the water. We expect to splash down the afternoon of January 10th. We were very pleased at how clean she was on the inside. The air conditioner did its job keeping the mildew at bay. We were able to get the interior ready for us to move onto the boat within a few days of arriving in Trinidad.
Our first surprise was when we went to wash out the anchor locker and found it full of ants. So all our dock lines and anchor rode had to be washed and hung to dry.
Andy bottom painting, TrinidadThe boat’s bottom paint always needs to have a fresh coat on before going back into the water. This year we decided to change the colour so it would be easier for us to see if the paint was wearing off as we plan on leaving Snowaway in the water for the next hurricane season. Andy has painted her for the last few seasons and he does a great job.

T-Bone Tom's, Keemah We had a nice visit in Houston with our friends Terri and Eric over the New Year’s weekend. We managed to buy all the items on our shopping list. On New Year’s Eve we went out for an early supper, listened to some live music at a nearby pub and made it home in time to pop a bottle of bubbly to toast in 2012. On New Year’s day we drove down to Keemah for our usual walk along the boardwalk. T-Bone Tom's, KeemahBut we discovered T-Bone Tom’s, a diner shown on the show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” so we HAD to stop at it. We odered a couple of dishes that Guy had tasted and we had enough left over for appetizers the next night! On Monday we went to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to see the King Tut exhibit. We rented the audio tape and were pleasantly surprised to hear Harrison Ford speaking to us…

Splash down

Chaguaramas, Trinidad Chaguaramas, Trinidad November 18 was the big day, the day Snowaway splashed down. It is very nerve racking watching them maneuver the travel lift into place; the boats on the hard are very close together. The driver has a navigator on the ground telling him how to move so that he doesn’t knock down the adjacent boat’s jacks. We were very happy to see that Power Boats has bought a new travel lift that is 10 feet longer. That means when we get hauled in April we will not need to remove our forestay and have Richard push the inner forestay away from the lift as it is moved through the yard. Chaguaramas, Trinidad Richard rode on Snowaway on the travel lift to the water. Snowaway went into the water no problem, and there were no leaks. Yan, our diesel engine, started on the first try.Chaguaramas, Trinidad The riggers, Gary and Chris from Trinidad Rigging gave the rig a nice tune up and we are almost ready to head off.

Back in Trinidad

Chauguaramas, Trinidad Dutchies new coat, TrinidadWe have arrived back in Trinidad and were very pleased that our boat was in great shape. We are staying in a small apartment on the grounds of Power Boats while we clean Snowaway and get her ready to launch. Snowaway still has her shrink wrap on her so it has given us some shade while we replace the running rigging, check that our dinghy still holds his air and wash and reverse the anchor rode.

Galveston, Texas Pumpkins We had a nice visit in Houston with Terri & Eric. When we arrived, our job was to carve their pumpkins. Terri had bought some great designs and Richard went to work to create a few masterpieces! We also spent a lovely day with Ilse, Dave and Katrina in Katy. We had to drive down to Kemah for lunch and then on the Galveston to view the recovery from Hurricane Ike. We were surprised at how little damage is obvious. They are still rebuilding the jetties along the Galveston beach but most of the buildings have been repaired (or torn down).