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St Vincent & The Grenadines

Wallilabou, St VincentOn May 8th we sailed to Wallilabou on the main island of St Vincent.  This is the bay where part of the first Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.  We picked up a mooring ball and then explored the beach to see what remained from the set of the movie.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our next stop was Port Elizabeth on Bequia where we picked up a mooring ball.  We spent a few days here enjoying the lovely island.  Richard and Mike rented scooters and toured the island but neither took a camera with them.  I guess that is my excuse for going back next season!  It is an island that is known for its whaling; the islanders are still allowed to catch 1 or 2 whales each year, using the traditional methods involving a sailboat and a hand-thrown harpoon, taking the whales to the nearby uninhabited island of Petit Nevis for butchering and rendering.  It would be interesting to be there when they brought one in…

MustiqueWe had a great sail to Mustique, the home of the rich and famous.  We had drinks at Basil’s Bar where Mick Jagger is known to frequent.  We didn’t see anyone famous but we did see tortoises on our walk around the island.

Tobago CaysFrom Mustique we sailed to the Tobagos Cays, a national park with great reefs that are home to numerous fish and turtles.  We took our dinghy to Turtle Island where we snorkelled with the Hawksbill turtles.  I was surprised to see the turtles eating the grass off the ocean floor, I never knew what they ate before!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We sailed to Union Island to check out of St Vincent.  We had a drink at Happy Island, an island built on conch shells by Janti, quite a unique place…