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Cape Canaveral

IntraCoastal WaterwayWe started out on Boxing Day, heading for Cape Canaveral. Port Canaveral has an easy exit to the ocean where we could do an overnight to Miami. Our goal was to reach Miami for New Years Eve. The waterway was very calm, almost like glass. When we saw lots of ripples and birds,pelicans and seagulls, we drove over to explore why. There was a bait ball of fish and the birds were feeding. We also saw birds following our boat and we discovered that we churned up food from the shallow bottom for the birds as well.

Last ICW bridge, Dec 2008 IntraCoastal WaterwayWe saw some unusual sites along the way. Karen was amazed when we saw a tank on the lawn of a very big house. And Richard was thrilled when we went through the last bridge that we would need to on the ICW… We docked at the Cape Marina in Port Canaveral where we could watch the cruise ships come and go.

IntraCoastal Waterway IntraCoastal WaterwayWe visited the Kennedy Space Center for a day. For 2 engineers, it was an amazing day. The large building is where they put the shuttle together with its rocket. And they have on display a main engine that actually has been into space 15 times.

IntraCoastal WaterwayIntraCoastal WaterwayOur favourite building was the exhibit on the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo moon landings. There was a real rocket on display and we got to touch a moon rock. And of course they had the moon buggy…

Park at Kennedy Space Center, Dec 2008 They have a building dedicated to the International Space Center where they have the Canadarm on display. And they have a park of old rockets.

We are leaving Port Canaveral on December 30th to do an overnight sail to Miami Beach.

Palm Coast, Florida

Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida, Dec 2008 IntraCoastal Waterway Now in Florida, we started to see more impressive houses bordering the ICW. When entering St Augustine we could not believe the size of the “summer homes”.

St Augustine also had the most interesting bridge that we have encountered. The Bridge of the Lions is a lift bridge; the road rises parallel to the water.

IntraCoastal Waterway And of course we saw more birds along the way…. a flock of white pelicans.

First poolside, ICW, Dec 2008 We docked at The Marina at Ginn Hammock Beach Resort and discovered our first swimming pool that was warm enough to get into! We decided to spend a day enjoying the facilities before heading to Daytona Beach…

Pablo Creek, Florida

First Florida sunset, Alligator River, ICW 726, Dec 2008 On December 14th we anchored in Alligator River at ICW 726 after a very cold overnight sail from Charleston. It was the first day that it was warm enough to wear shorts! And we were welcomed to Florida with a spectacular sunset…

IntraCoastal Waterway

IntraCoastal Waterway Unfortunately with the warm days and cool nights we discovered fog!! We often could not pull anchor until 10 or 11 in the morning. With sunset close to 5 pm, the distances we covered over the next few days were small. In warm Florida we saw our first wild palm tree forest and we had our first bar-be-que on Snowaway.IntraCoastal Waterway

IntraCoastal WaterwayWaiting for the fog to lift in the morning was not all bad. We were anchored in Pablo Creek (ICW mile 744) on December 17th and saw these wonderful pelicans swimming by. The Atlantic Beach fixed bridge a half mile away is barely visible in the background.