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Nariva Swamp

Navira Swamp, Trinidad Nariva Swamp, Trinidad Karen got to do some sight seeing on Thursday November 19th while Richard had the engine heat exchanger checked and had the re-cut inner foresail measured by Mark of Soca Sails (they are the Doyle Sails rep in Trinidad). Karen took a trip with 6 other cruisers to the Nariva Swamp. Jesse James of Members Only organized the tour for the cruisers.

Navira Swamp, TrinidadThe swamp is included in the list of Wetlands of International Importance established under a treaty signed during the convention of Wetlands signed in Ramsor, Iran in 1971. It is said that there are 96 different types of mosquitoes residing in the 1634 ha that comprise the swamp; we think we met 82 of them!! The mossies thought Peppy on Beez Neez was tastier than Karen, a rare occurrence. We saw a mother red howler monkey with a baby clinging to her stomach. We startled a pair of parrots eating a mango. I was thrilled to see the blue morpho butterflies that we first discovered in Costa Rica. The most amazing thing about the swamp was the trees including the cannon ball tree (we actually saw one in bloom), the silk cotton tree that has huge roots that extend upright and the sand box tree.
Beach, Trinidad After the swamp we stopped at the beach to wash off and cool down. This is the Atlantic side of the island and the waves are much bigger here than on the leeward side.
Trinidad On the way back to our boats we stopped to buy fresh fruits and brazil nuts… The vendor was extolling the benefits (to male sexual performance) of the white flower on the brazil nuts; he was quite the convincer as he made a sale!