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Bungalows Corona

We have arrived at Bungalows Corona in San Patricio Melaque (we just call it Melaque) where we will spend the next 2 months. It has a nice Mexican decor and I think we will be very happy here. Bungalows Corona, Nov2016

Bungalows Corona Living space, Nov2016Richard has already set up his computer and gotten onto the internet; the internet seems as fast as we have in Calgary!

Bungalows Corona kitchen, Nov2016The kitchen is a bit basic but it has the most important item: a coffee maker! We normally drank instant coffee on the sailboat so this will be a nice improvement. Now if we can just get the stove to work!

Karen at Restaurant Leovy, Nov2016We are a half block from the beach where there are several restaurants to try. This is Restaurant Leovy right at the closest entrance to the beach where we had our first lunch. And this is the view of the beach…

Beach at Melaque, Nov2016

Wasting away again in Barra-ville

Kyalami BarraFeb2015 Karen has had her root canal completed and we are waiting for a weather window to head north. We feel like the Jimmy Buffet song, just wasting away again…. We even had several margaritas hoping we could find a woman to blame but I’m not sure the wind god is female!!
Nacho BarraFeb2015 We have enjoyed our favourite restaurants in Barra while we wait for the weather window to head north especially Restaurant Ramon`s. Nacho knows our drink order and takes good care of us when we visit.

The joy of cruising is meeting new friends and renewing old friendships. One never knows when one may met again. We have spent time with new friends like Candace and Norman of Kyalami. They came with us one day when Karen had a dental appointment and we showed them why we love the Santiago – Manzanillo bay area so much. They were able to take the last weather window north while we had to wait for one more dental appointment. Hopefully we will see them again in Banderas Bay.

deb&joe MelaqueFeb2015 We went to Melaque with Deb and Joe of Pacific Jade. They are one of the first cruisers we met in Mexico and 10 years later we still enjoy time together. We went to Melaque to doing some shopping, some drinking, and some eating…

Kingfisher BarraFeb2015We are doing our daily walks; our aim is to do 10,000 steps a day. We usually don’t have much trouble reaching our goal and we get to see lots of birds and fishes. Our favourite shot is of the kingfisher on the marker entering the marina. And there was a beautiful fish nibbling along our boat. We do not know what it is but the colours are incredible!
fish BarraFeb2015
We hope to leave the dock on Friday March 6. Sailors hate to start a journey on a Friday but we need to start making tracks north. We hope to get to Chamela, about 38 NM away; we need to travel 300 NM to Mazatlan. We will try to post where we are but no pictures will be available until we get to a better internet site.