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Splash down in San Carlos

Boat launch San Carlos Mexico2005 We ended up having the boat put in the water on November 9th.

Having your boat launched is one of the most stressful times on the boat. In Marina Seca the boat needs to be put on a “cama baja” system that is used to transported the boat to the water, along local roads… It is quite a sight to see your boat moving on land!

Boat launch San Carlos  Mexico2005 The Mexicans do this so often it is like clock work, within 10 minutes you are off the transport and secured at dock!! Richard was very relieved to find that the engine turned over first try!!

Boat launch San Carlos  Mexico2005We were lucky to get a slip at the marina and spent a week cleaning and preparing the boat, putting up the sails and putting on provisions (beer, rum…) prior to crossing the Sea of Cortez, back to the Baja Peninsula.

Sunrise San Carlos Mexico2005This is one of the many spectacular sunrises that we saw…

Back in San Carlos, Nov 2005

Phoenix departure Mexico2005We arrived in San Carlos on November 3rd after spending a lovely day in Phoenix relaxing by the swimming pool. The trip on the bus was an overnight and we stopped at 1 am at the border. We had to take all our baggage – all 9 bags plus the computer – off for inspection. Luckily we found a dolly and some nice Mexicans to help us! The Mexican bus line that we used “Tufesa” had first class buses which included movies and Mexican music.

Marina Seca Mexico2005 marinoseca1 Mexico2005We found our boat already moved into the work area at Marina Seca but they had not even started sanding the bottom of the boat. We were put very close to two other boats, one was so close we didn’t know how they got us in without touching! Once we arrived they very quickly sanded the bottom, applied one coat of primer and two coats of bottom paint.

Boat jobs in San Carlos Mexico2005Boat jobs in San Carlos Mexico2005While the bottom was being painted, we did some servicing of the engine such as changing the oil, cleaning the water filter, changing the water impellor… (Richard used his Christmas present “the head lamp” from his son Nick).
Jerry Joni San Carlos Mexico2005
And we spent a lot of time socializing with Joni and Jerry of sv Lotus…

We appear to be ready to go back into the water…

Marina Seca, San Carlos

San Carlos haul out Mexico2005 Once we got back to San Carlos, we spent a week getting the boat ready to be hauled. This included taking all the sails off and washing them in the cockpit, cleaning (Scraping the barnacles of the bottom) and storing the dingy, removing the solar panels, and putting tinfoil on the windows.

Watching the boat being hauled was quite stressful but it was obvious that these Mexicans had done this before and knew what they were doing. Within 10 minutes we were out of the water and on the way to Marina Seca, the dry storage site…

San Carlos Dry storage Mexico2005
Here is Sol Mate safely on her hurricane poles in the dry storage and ready to spend the summer.