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Macoucherie Rum Distillery

Water wheel at Macoucherie Sugar Cane Field, DominicaWe hired Martin Carriere of Providence to take us to Macoucherie Estates where they make rum near Salisbury on the west coast of Dominica. The rum distillery was established by a French family, whose name remains unknown. The distillery was acquired by H.D. Shillingford in 1942. They grow their own sugar cane and crush it using an old fashioned waterwheel, the same way that they having been doing it since the late nineteenth century. Macoucherie rums are the only rums on the island distilled from pure sugar cane juice, still carrying the features which characterized sugar cane crushing in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries.
Cane crushing at Macoucherie The sugar cane juice is put into 2000 Imp gallon tanks; it takes 3.5 days to crush enough sugar cane to fill one tank. Two pounds of yeast and yeast food is put in with the juice and allowed to ferment. The fermentation takes 4 to 5 days. Then the juice is moved to the distillation column. The heat is provided by a boiler in which they burn wood and coconut husks.
They make 60,000 litres per year of rum. The white rum is sold as Macoucherie White. Some is aged for 12 to 14 months in oak barrels and is sold as Macoucherie Red. Then some of the white rum is flavoured with spices: cinnamon, maze and Bois Bandé (considered an aphrodisiac by the islanders) and is called Macoucherie Bois Bandé.
Macoucherie rums of Dominica Rum that is made with the sugar cane juice is very distinctive from that made with molasses. The smell and the taste is very sweet. We have only found a few rums in the Caribbean made this way and we always buy a bottle…