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How NOT to anchor

La Paz sailboat Mexico2005 We have had several lessons on how NOT to anchor in the La Paz harbour.

The first is a boat that didn’t survive the last hurricane. Not exactly the view you were hoping for when you come back to your boat for another season of sailing!
La Paz high centered Mexico2005
But the other boat was simply anchored too close to shore and was high centered. Operator error!

The New Year In La Paz

La Paz, Mexico We sailed into La Paz on January 1, 2005 and took up residence at Marina de La Paz for the month of January. It is close to the centre of the city so it is easy to explore all La Paz has to offer.
La Paz Malecon Mexico2005
La Paz is a traditional Spanish city with a wonderful malecon along the waterfront. La Paz Statue Mexico2005 It is 2.7 km long with several statues and rest areas. We loved to walk the malecon every day or night and enjoy the statues and ice cream… Our favourite statue was the one of the boy in the boat!

The Current Temperature in La Paz is:

Happy New Year everyone!