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Friends Visit from Calgary

Jeanne Tim on Snowaway, Jan2016Our friends Jeanne and Tim came to visit from cold Calgary. Like good friends they stayed in the hotel while we showed them our favourite things to do in Barra de Navidad.

Jeanne walk in Barra Jan2016We did a morning walk around the golf course. We saw a few birds but saw many, many iguanas sunning in the trees close to the club house. French baker Jan2016Of course we also had to visit the French Baker for our morning croissants.

Cuastecomate, Jan2016We did an overnight trip to one of our favourite anchorages to see the beautiful sunset from there. Cuastecomate is known as the “secret anchorage” because it is hard to see it when one is sailing by.

Tim RvA Cuastecomate Jan2016But it is a well-protected spot with several ramada’s to have lunch at. Jeanne and I kayaked in and Richard and Tim swam in for lunch. After a nice meal of fish we had drinks and dinner on board Snowaway. And we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset!

On Jeanne and Tim’s last night we had drinks on board and a meal at the resort.

Group, Jan2016

Tim Jeanne pool, Jan2016Their final hours were spent by the pool enjoying a drink…

It was great to see them and share some of the reasons we love to spend our winters on Snowaway in warm places.

Feliz Año Nuevo!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!

We have been in Barra de Navidad for 2 weeks now and have been enjoying our time here. There has been some damage to the area as a result of Hurricane Patricia. The palapa roofs were all lost, many tiles on roofs were blown off and many trees lost branches. We are at Marina Puerto de la Navidad which is part of the Grand Isla Navidad Resort. The hotel did lose some trees and tiles and we were fascinated to watch the Mexicans replace the tile roof of a small building near the marina. This video shows them tossing the tiles to the roof. It was 30 C out there and they made it look easy!

We have been doing our daily walks. Richard dreams about these walks during our summers in Calgary and we can’t wait to see our favourite birds. The chachalacas are very noisy; it is almost like they are warning their fellow birds that someone is coming. We see them in trees and in the towns. The Mexicans feed them lettuce to encourage them to visit.

Chachalacas, Dec2015

Vermillion flycatcher, Dec2015On days that we expect to do other activities like kayaking we usually do a short walk down to the golf course along the lagoon side. Streak-backed oriole, Dec2015On those days when we don’t have anything planned we will walk over the hill to the Pacific Ocean. There are not as many birds thiTrogon, Dec2015s year, we guess that is due to Hurricane Patricia. But we have still seen many types like the Vermillion flycatchers, trogons, streak-backed orioles.

Squirrel, Dec2015And we do see lots of squirrels working at getting into coconuts. We notice the sound, almost like a little saw cutting away the fibers. Iguana, Jan2016

There also seems to be quite a few large iguanas this year. This one was in a tree near the lagoon in the golf course!

We expect to be in Barra de Navidad area until the end of January.