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Ready to Depart Trinidad

Chaguaramas, Trinidad Chaguaramas, TrinidadWe have done almost all of our provisioning (beer). We have brought on some rum but we are hoping to go to the Angostura Rum and Bitters Distillery tomorrow to complete the provisioning (more rum).
We have enjoyed our stay in Chaguaramas, the last week we have been on a mooring ball. That means whenever we want to do anything off the boat, we need to dinghy to shore. Richard does all the steering but Karen has promised to learn to control Dutchie this season.
We will be checking out of the country on Tuesday and heading north that afternoon. We have not decided on our first stop. Depending on the winds and how we feel, we may bypass the main island of Grenada. That is one of the wonderful things about sailing, one can go were the urge takes one…

Boat Jobs

Oil change, Trinidad Hons gets wings, TrinidadWe are down to the last few things to do on Snowaway before we splash into the ocean on Wednesday. We spent yesterday morning working on our outboard engine “Hons”, a Honda 9.9 HP four stroke. Hons got his oil changed, both engine and transmission oils. As well he got wings installed to help prevent Dutchie, our dinghy, from digging the stern down in the water; in other words, it will help keep us drier and more comfortable. Since our dinghy is very important to our lifestyle, we do anything we can to keep it functioning!
Install new door, Trinidad One item that we never liked on our Caliber was the microwave oven. Caliber does not include an inverter on the boat so the microwave can only be used when we are connected to shore power in marinas. And the marinas in the Caribbean use 220 not 110 V so we cannot connect to shore power here! We have been using it for storage of our mixing bowls. We ordered a door from Caliber last year and so we removed the microwave and installed the new door. There is room for our cookbooks as well as a storage bin – much more useful!
Cat feeding, Trinidad The boat yard has adopted several cats over the years. We were told last year that a long time cruiser had built this lovely house and tended to the cats. As new strays appear, the cruisers pay to have the cats spayed/neutered and they get fed twice a day. Karen has agreed to do this chore for the next week (of course it is not much of a chore…).

We are looking forward to being on the water; there should be more cooling breezes so it should be more comfortable.


Crews Inn Marina    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We have spent a week getting Snowaway, our Caliber 40LRC sailboat, ready to leave for the hurricane season.  We stayed at Crews Inn Marina to clean the boat.  We hired a Trinidadian to wash and wax the boat but we did the sails ourselves…


Hauling outThe haul out was at Power Boats yard and it was pretty painless.  The only concern was that we had to remove our forestays to allow the boat to be lifted out of the water.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Once Snowaway was at her “home” for the summer, we had the bottom of the boat power washed to remove the minor growth that had developed over the past few months.  We had some minor modifications done to the boat while we did the final cleaning on board.  The most significant was the installation of a rolling furler on the inner forestay.  Of course that meant that we have to have our sails recut from hankons to furlers.  We also decided to have some cushions recut and a cover made for “Dutchie”, our dinghy.  Power Boats are managing these contracts for us and ensure that the work is done and paid for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We did not have time to explore Trinidad but are now ready to fly home.  We had to buy additional bags to take home all our cold weather gear as we don’t expect to need it for the next few years.

We will be returning returning to Snowaway on November 3rd.  At that time we will spend a few weeks getting Snowaway ready to launch and hopefully spend some time exploring the island.