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El Día de la Revolución

Ninos at Revolution Day parade, Nov2016El Día de la Revolución, or Revolution Day in Mexico, is considered to be November 20th although the first shots of the revolution were fired on November 18th. In Melaque the students had a huge parade on Friday to celebrate the start of their current country.

Military, Nov2016All students in the towns of Obregon and Melaque, including kindergarten students, dressed as revolutionaries and the military band paraded in the streets. Queen, Nov2016We were lucky to see the muster point of the parade and enjoyed seeing all the costumes. We even got to see the Queen.

Pancho, Nov2016The revolution began in 1910 and lasted for 10 years. The man we know best from this period is  Francisco “Pancho” Villa. Many of the children wore costumes to look like him. We had enjoyed a visit to Durango a couple of years ago and visited a museum in Pancho’s memory.

Senoritas, Nov2016