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Sailing to Bequia

Hibiscus, Trinidad Leaving Trinidad We left Trinidad on December 1st as planned and did an overnight sail to Grenada. We left early enough so that we passed by the Hibiscus Production Platform during daylight hours. The platform is easy to see at night but the supply vessels aometimes get lost in the lights of the platform. We both felt fine so we keep going past Grenada and up to Chatham Harbour on the west side of Union Island and anchored for the night. Union Island is at the south end of the Grenadines.
Sailing to Union Island, St VincentOne Sister, St VincentIt was a total of about 24 hours underway. Chatham looked very pleasant but we could not get off the boat as we had not yet checked into the country. It will be a stop on the way back to Trinidad.
Yesterday we had a close hauled sail (sailing close to the wind) and motor for about 25 miles NNE to Bequia at the north end of the Grenadines. So far we have net progress of about 150 miles in 30 hours underway – not bad considering several hours were beating (zigzagging upwind). The weather is warm but the trade winds blow steadily and keep us from overheating.