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We survived the Calgary floods

Calgary floods 2013 Calgary has declared a state of emergency due to the flooding of the Bow and Elbow rivers. We have been very fortunate as our place is far enough from the river to avoid any water and we did not have our power shut off. Our son Mike who lives in Bridgeland and my cousin Erica who lives about 6 blocks from us both had to evacuate their buildings. Their buildings should have no water problems but power had been shut off in their districts.
We have walked along the Bow River and towards the Elbow River to see how far the water came up. We walked along 17th Avenue towards the Calgary Stampede grounds on Sunday. The water had come as far as Centre Street but had resided to 1st Street SE. The picture shows a log left at Centre Street.
Calgary Safeway floods 2013We couldn’t get to the Elbow River but we saw the flood waters near the Safeway store at the corner of 5th Street and Elbow Drive. The Earls restaurant and the James Joyce Irish Pub were flooded out.
The downtown core is still closed off but we think it will be open on Wednesday. Richard has had an extra long weekend but is looking forward to getting back to work…

Back in Calgary

Mule deer in Calgary We arrived back in Calgary on May 7th. We had a couple of nice days when we first got back but it has been cool since then. We are going up to Lake O’Hara in mid July so we decided we need to start doing some hikes before then. We decided to do some within the city to start to work our way up to more strenuous hikes. So we went to Fish Creek Park in the south part of the city. We were rewarded with seeing several mule deers. They are used to seeing humans so are more than willing to pose for photos!

Back in Calgary and in the Snow

Snow in Calgary So we wait until it is spring in Calgary before returning home and hope that we will get decent weather. Of course as most of our sailor friends know, within 48 hours of our arrival precipitation occurs. We however did not expect to get snow and we did not expect to get so much snow and for it to stay so long. Here are the pics of our backyard a couple of days after we got home. It is still snowing a week later… Snow in the backyardWhy do we go home for hurricane season?
Well, Richard is back at work for 2 companies that he has consulted with for several years. And Karen is going to try to stay busy at home…

Richard is working

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I guess we will be in Calgary until the end of October. Richard got a 4 week contract so we will not be able to leave early for our road trip.
We realized why we like to go sailing for the winter months, on our Thanksgiving weekend it started to snow. And we realized why we named our Caliber 40LRC “Snowaway”!! Here is a picture of our house in Calgary taken on October 14th, about 5 inches of snow has fallen. We are definitely looking forward to getting back to Trinidad on November 3rd.