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Christmas in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas nativity scene Mexico2004 On Christmas day Dick cooked the dorado that he had caught on our way to Cabo for our supper.
Dorado Baja Mexico2004
All the stores and restaurants were open and we even went to a movie: Alexander the Great. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. The movie itself was too long and too boring for our tastes!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Alexander has made a number of “worst of” lists, including Roger Ebert. To say it was dreadful is being kind. Pam and I walked out after 60 minutes of painful drivel.)

Merry Christmas everyone!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Karen made no explanation of this picture! It sort of looks like a marachi band, made of straw figures, but the animal figures make me think it might be a Mexican Nativity scene! Send your guesses!)

Cabo San Lucas

The Office Cabo San Lucas Mexico2004 We arrived in Cabo San Lucas on December 21 for Christmas, intending to spend 4 nights, before heading up to La Paz for New Years. We decided to splurge and stay at the marina for our Christmas present to each other (it cost $98 US per night for our boat!).
Marina Cabo San Lucas Mexico2004
We enjoyed the town so much we stayed for 6 nights.

We had to visit the “Office”, a bar on the main beach that serves the best strawberry daiquiris (not as big or as strong as we remembered but still good!)

San Diego to Cabo San Lucas

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We left San Diego on November 23rd at 1:30 pm and spent our first night at sea motoring to Ensenada, about 65 miles away. The winds that were predicted, 15-20 knots, perfect for sailing, did not materialize. We arrived in the dark and waited until the cruise ship entered the harbour before we tried. Our home looks pretty small anchored in Ensenada compared to the cruise ship!

We got our papers for staying in the country: tourist visas, import permit for the boat, and crew list authorization from the port captain.

volcanoes.jpgFrom Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, a total of 700 miles, we did three day sails and four overnight sails.

Our first overnight took us to Bahia San Quintin, 115 miles from Ensenada. Here is the sunset over the five volcanic cinder cones as seen from our boat, the highest is 876 feet. The swell from the dick-boat.jpgocean made for a rolly sleep.

The next overnight took us 180 miles to Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay). Entrepreneurs in this small Mexican town provided taxi service to the boats anchored in the bay as well as bringing out diesel and water. Although this town had only dirt roads, we found several grocery stores, “internet cafes” and restaurants. A storm blew in from the south on the day we wanted to leave requiring us to stay put a few days longer.bahia.jpg

We did 2 day sails to Bahia de la Asuncion (48 miles) and Punta Abreojos (45 miles) before doing one more overnight to Bahia Santa Maria (130 miles). We caught our first fish on that trip, a bonito, a dark fleshed fish that is best for cat food…

fish.jpgSanta Maria Bay was a beautiful spot that was teaming with fish and its natural predators: pelicans, seagulls, frigates and sea lions.

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We sent a couple of days resting in Santa Maria before doing a short day sail of only 20 miles into Bahia Magdalena. We anchored in Man-of-War Cove for a week, taking on supplies (beer, rum and diesel) and exploring this very large bay.

cook.jpgWe hiked up the hills to view the Pacific, visited the mangroves and enjoyed the local restaurant where Jose grilled lobsters for our lunch. The port captain took us to San Carlos to the local market for other supplies.

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On December 21 we left “Mag Bay” for our last overnight on our trip to Cabo. We avoided several whales, caught a 25 pound dorado (mahi mahi) and had a good sail to Cabo San Lucas