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The Great Bahama Banks

Bahamas We had to sail across the Great Bahama Banks.  The first morning the winds were light enough that we could enjoy our morning coffee on deck. 

Bahamas The second morning we had better winds and had a great sail to Chub Cay at the south end of the Berry Islands arriving on January 9th.

Chub Cay Marina, Bahamas, Jan 2009 We enjoyed our stay at the Chub Cay Marina.  We were docked along side a 110 foot ketch named “Keewaydin” owned by a US banker.  We look pretty small compared to her!  Can you see us in front of her?  Our mast (at 57 feet high) is in the middle…

Chub Cay fresh conch, Bahamas, Jan 2009 There was a nice beach that we could walk along at the marina that had lots of conch of all sizes.  Richard is holding one that would be “good eating”.  We have not harvested any ourselves; we prefer to let the Bahamians clean and prepare them for us.