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Elizabeth Harbour, Bahamas, Jan 2009 We ended up spending 2 weeks in GeorgeTown waiting for a weather window. We did not enjoy our stay that much. Although the area is beautiful, the winds were strong and we spent many days nights on anchor watch as the winds clocked. We found that the anchoring technique of many were sadly lacking and several boats anchored too close for the conditions. It also surprised us at how often sailors lost their dinghies. Dinghies are our lifeline to shore and how one could not adequately secure it to one’s boat or shore surprises us!

BahamasBahamas We did explore Stocking Island which is on the east side of Elizabeth Harbour. We anchored at a beach known as Monument Beach due to the large monument at the top of the hill. Of course we had to hike up to see it.

The one nice thing about our stay in Georgetown was the number of cruisers that we met that planned on sailing south. By the time we were able to leave, there were about 20 boats ready to leave.

How NOT to anchor

La Paz sailboat Mexico2005 We have had several lessons on how NOT to anchor in the La Paz harbour.

The first is a boat that didn’t survive the last hurricane. Not exactly the view you were hoping for when you come back to your boat for another season of sailing!
La Paz high centered Mexico2005
But the other boat was simply anchored too close to shore and was high centered. Operator error!