Start of our 2016 – 2017 season

This is our first season without a sailboat. We have booked an apartment in Melaque for 2 months starting November 15th.  But we flew south on November 13th on Westjet. Calgary Airport, Nov2016 The Calgary airport has just opened a new international terminal. It has big, wide open spaces but not enough washrooms nor chairs. Family of Bears, YYC, Nov2016The worst thing about the terminal is that there is no Tim Horton’s there! But there was a nice sculpture of a “Family of Bears” done by Stewart Steinhauer of Creston BC.

We stayed at the Hotel Barra de Navidad right across from our favourite restaurant: Ramons. Richard at Bananas, Nov2016The hotel’s restaurant, Bananas, was a perfect place for breakfast. We had been there previously for dinner but had not been too impressed. It just does breakfast now and it was great. There is a nice greeter at the entrance to the restaurant.

We had some rain the first 2 days and were concerned that the clouds would make it difficult to see the super moon on Monday night. We went to El Manglitos on the lagoon to see if we could see the moon rise. We were entertained by a local fisherman pulling his panga behind him as he swam to shore.  Swimming with panga, Nov2016

Exercise class, Nov2016We didn’t see the moon come up so walked back to the square to see if the clouds had cleared. The moon was barely visible but we were encouraged to join the local women in their excercise class.

Super moon, Nov2016We were able to see the Super Moon as it was almost setting from our hotel room the morning. It didn’t look that much bigger than normal to us!

Today we are moving to Melaque and are hoping for some sun.

Charlottetown, PEI

We woke to rain today so decided to head into Charlottetown to see the birthplace of our great country. We took in the film explaining the conference in September 1864 at Province House that ended with the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. It was interesting to be reminded that PEI did not join the Dominion until 1873! But we still celebrate PEI as the birthplace of Confederation.

At Province House, Charlottetown PEI Aug2016

Province House is currently closed for renovations so there is a replica in the Confederation Centre of the Arts. We enjoyed walking through the Art Gallery but we disappointed that many of the regular pieces were in the vault (including an Alex Colville).
St Dunstan's Basilica, Charlottetown PEI Aug2016We wandered down to the harbour seeing the beautiful buildings and houses. The St Dunstan’s Basilica is an amazing church in the French Gothic style. Sir John A. in Charlottetown PEI Aug2016We enjoyed the lobster rolls at Peake’s Quay before heading back for Karen to have a nice chat with Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first prime minister.

We drove back to our motel along the north coast of the island visiting Prince Edward Island National Park. It was a bit cool for enjoying the beach but we had to stop for a walk on Stanhope Beach! We have been surprised at how red the sand and the mud has been!

Richard at Stanhope Beach PEI, Aug2016

Hopewell Rocks

We flew to Moncton yesterday to visit Tim and Jeanne for Tim’s 60th birthday on Monday.

Hopewell Rocks,New Brunswick, Aug2016But first we wanted to see the Hopewell Rocks at the head of the Bay of Fundy. The tides can be as much as 50 feet although they average just 35 feet!

RvA at Hopewell Rocks,New Brunswick, Aug2016The rock formations have been eroded with time and the tide movement to produce “Flower Pots”, rock containers with trees growing on top! We arrived as the tide was going out about an hour before low tide. One can see how high the tides come in with the seaweed on the rocks.

K&R at Hopewell Rocks,New Brunswick, Aug2016

We plan on spending tomorrow on Prince Edward Island before heading to Fredericton.

Hiking in Washington

When we visited Richard’s sister we discussed how beautiful Mount Baker looked from Mission. Netty suggested that we do some hikes on the north side of Mount Baker. Picture Lake, July 2016So when we left Karen’s brother we headed south to Mount Baker. We were amazed that we could drive almost to the top of the mountain. Along the way we stopped at Picture Lake, appropriately named!

Table Mountain, July 2016We drove to Artist Point and hiked up to the top of Table Mountain. It was a 4.2 km hike with 220 m elevation gain. Mt Shuksan, July 2016We had great views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan along the way. Although there was still some snow on the pathway we enjoyed the hike and the views!

Thunder Knob Trail, July 2016The next day we drove through the North Cascades National Park. We stopped to hike the Thunder Knob Trail.Diablo Lake, July 2016 It was 5.8 km with an elevation gain of 194 m to give us a great view of Diablo Lake. We were fortune to see American Kestrels flying at the summit.

On our way back into Canadian we were pleased to see some wildlife. This buck came to see us when we stopped at the information site in Grand Forks.

Deer, July 2016

Annual roadtrip to BC

We decided to do our annual trip to the west coast in late July because Richard’s sister has a birthday then and we wanted to visit with her then. And Karen needed a break after helping to get her Mother’s condo cleaned out and sold.

Netty & Richard, July 2016 Netty lives on a beautiful 10 acre parcel of land near Rolly Lake Provincial Park near Mission. We had a pleasant walk through 100+ foot trees to the lake where the ospreys catch fish. We have been walking around the lake for many years and it keeps getting more popular.

We also spent an hour wandering through the Silverdale Creek Wetlands just off the the road. Heron, July 2016We saw lots of bird houses but not too many actual birds. We did see a large heron on a platform waiting to catch his lunch. We had a lovely visit with Netty enjoying her hospitality.

We spent a day with Karen’s brother and sister-in-law, Maurice and Pam. We had a nice walk along the river near their place and a wonderful lunch at Romer’s Burger Bar.

At Romer's, July 2016

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