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Leaving MiamiFishingThese are the traveling adventures of Karen Ormon and Richard Van Appelen. Both Karen and Richard are professional engineers with a consulting business, Coho Consulting Ltd., based in Calgary, Canada.  Coho provides technical and business services to the oil & gas industry.

St MaartenIn 2003 Karen left her job and Richard took a leave of absence from his job to sail their 36 foot Catalina MKII “Sol Mate” from Vancouver Canada to San Diego California.  Since then they have spent about 6 months a year on their boat in warm places.  They took “Sol Mate” as far as Costa Rica before deciding that they wanted a bigger boat. “Sol Mate” was sold and now resides in Italy, sailing the Mediterranean.

In October of 2008, Karen & Richard took delivery of a brand new Caliber 40LRC, commissioned it in Beaufort North Carolina and named her “Snowaway”.  They sailed “Snowaway” in the eastern Caribbean for four years before heading across the north coast of South America to Panama. In 2013 They crossed Central America through the Panama Canal and sailed to Mexico where they cruised for many years. Snowaway was sold in June 2016 and Karen & Richard plan to continue travels on land. 

Email Karen at: karenormon@gmail.com

Email Richard at: vanapper.telus.net

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  1. Hi Dick and Karen,

    Looks you guys are doing great. I thought I leave you a message telling about my second career. Yep, I got bored and last September I started being educated for a respectable(?) profession. Hold on tight, since last January 15 I became a Realtor at Royal LePage Pinnacle located in North Hill Shopping Centre.

    I am working on my official mug shot displaying (we have to scare clients) website. I was told to get traffic by creating a Blog. Well you know my enthusiasm for investing and yesterday I launched : Canadian Diversified Investor (http://canadiandiversifiedinvestor.blogspot.com/). Try it out but don’t leave to raunchy a comment. I know you, Dicky and I have apparently the power to moderate!

    Have lots of fun. I was planning to go to Mexico later in March, but I now feel that I am pushing it a bit with my geology course coming up in early March and later again in May. So, that one is off for a later date. Darn, one of these years I’ll use my timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta.

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The traveling adventures of Karen and Richard