The Launch

Beaufort, North CarolinaBeaufort, North CarolinaNovember 4th was the big day for the launch of our boat.  It was very traumatic to watch the crew bring in the travel lift and move her to the water, more so when we learned that the travel lift operator was a trainee! The lift was not that large so they had to remove the forestay for the lift. Richard walked along side the boat as it was moved to the water.

Clear of slings, North Carolina Nov 2008 Once at the water’s edge the boat was slowly lowered into the water.  Triton Marine Services then ensured that all the through hulls were water tight before releasing the lift.  She was then tied up to the dock for final inspection before being moved to Deerfield Marina where the final “toys” are to be installed. 

Deerfield Marina is on the ICW at mile 200 (mile zero is at Norfolk Virginia).

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