Commissioning our Caliber

Guiding the mast, North Carolina Oct 2008 Beaufort, North CarolinaAfter the thrill of seeing her for the first time, the first significant day for us was October 31 when they moved our boat out of the shed and put the mast on her.  They had to wait for a calm day to do this tricky manoeuvre.  It was amazing to see the crane lift up the mast and then set it on to the boat.  The Selden mast is well engineered – we liked the attention to detail such as tangs with built-in recesses for the cotter pins! We did not know the tradition of placing a coin under the mast so we have an American quarter there. If we ever need to remove the mast, it will be replaced with a toonie!

Beaufort, North Carolina      After the mast was put up, we needed to make her ready for the official launch into the water, including installing the chain rode and Fortress anchor (our secondary anchor).

Additional pictures on this event can be seen in the Picture Galleries page.

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