Arriving in Beaufort

First look, North Carolina Nov 2008 Clearwater, FloridaOur brand new sailboat, a Caliber 40LRC, was delivered to Beaufort North Carolina in early October.  We arrived on October 19th after visiting friends in Houston and driving across the States with a stop in New Orleans.  We saw our new boat the next day.  It was inside Triton Marines Services’ workshop having the fridge / freezer, autopilot and all the electronics (VHF, SSB, stereo, radar and GPS) installed.  The technicians at Triton Marine were very talented at commissioning boats – they do a few Calibers every year.  When we arrived in North Carolina they had just completed an upgrading course with Raytheon/Raymarine electronics.

Beaufort waterfront, North Carolina Nov 2008 Beaufort, North Carolina, established in 1709, has long been an important base for whalers, fishermen and pirates including Blackbeard!  Many of the buildings and homes in the 12 block area of the historic waterfront district along Taylor’s Creek are the same as they have been for centuries.  Thanks to the Historic Preservation Committee, Beaufort looks today as much as possible as it did in the past. And they have a great Maritime Museum with artifacts from The Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. The Watercraft Center has a collection of wooden boats and there are usually several projects on the go, either restoration or new boats, that can be viewed.

Beaufort, North Carolina Beaufort, North CarolinaBeaufort is a lovely community with lots to do.  We have rented an apartment in an historic building with a view of the harbour.  We can sit on the porch to watch the sunsets…

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