El Día de la Revolución in Barra

Modern dancers, Barra de Navidad Nov2017El Día de la Revolución, or Revolution Day in Mexico, is celebrated on the third Monday of November although the first shots of the revolution were fired on November 18th. It is a major holiday in Mexico and everyone loves a parade! Last year we saw the parade in Melaque; this year we saw it in Barra de Navidad.

Beer dance, Barra de Navidad Nov2017We had been told the parade started at 9; unfortunately it had started at 8. So we missed most of the children dressed in period costume. But we did enjoy the floats and action we did get to see.

Soccer team, Barra de Navidad Nov2017One of the most fun was the “beer dance” by the  women in traditional outfits. And the soccer team created several different styles of pyramids in the street!

The finale was a group of horses ridden by Mexicans in their traditional dress. A great parade for such a small community!

Parade finale - horses, Barra de Navidad Nov2017

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