Barra de Navidad

Road to Barra de Navidad, October 2017We arrived in Barra de Navidad after about 2 weeks of traveling. We were happy to get here although it is hot and humid. The air temperature is only 32C but the humidity makes it feel like 42C. Casa Sol pool, Barra de Navidad, October 2017We are happy that our rental house, Casa Sol,  has a lovely swimming pool! Casa Sol is on the second canal so we are exploring our new neighbourhood.Morita, Barra de Navidad, October 2017 We have not spent much time in this part of Barra before so it was fun to find a new friend for Douglas. We have also started our morning walks looking for birds. Cinnamon hummingbird Barra de Navidad, October 2017This lovely cinnamon hummingbird was a wonderful surprise.

We had a lovely dinner at Simona’s and watched our first sunset of the season. I am sure it will not be our last sunset nor meal at Simona’s!

First sunset, Barra de Navidad, October 2017

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