Tequila Mexico

Yes there is actually a town called Tequila in Mexico. And it is known for making Tequila (surprise surprise!)… la Purisma church, Tequila October 2017We spent a lovely afternoon there enjoying the eating establishments and the tasting shops. We had a nice lunch with a lovely view of the main church of the town. We enjoyed watching the numerous pigeons flying by.

Hotel la Reinda Mission Tequellan, Tequila October 2017We stayed at Hotel la Reinda Mission Tequellan that was in a great location. Unfortunately the wifi in the room was not very good so Richard had to spend his computer time in the lobby surrounded by Tequila! But no one offered him a sample…

Tequila barrels, Tequila October 2017We really enjoyed the Museo del Tequila which showed how tequila was made and the most significant brands in  the area. We wondered if these barrels were still full!

Jose Cuervo, Tequila October 2017We enjoyed our best margarita ever in Tequila so we must go back soon to try more brands…

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