Time in Melaque

Groove-billed Ani, Nov2016We have settled into a routine; taking a walk usually in the mornings and then going out for lunch. We decided we wanted to go to the Grand Bay once a week to do a walk. We have not seen as many birds as in past years, we are not sure if it is because we are here earlier than usual or if the numbers are truly declining. We were happy to see several groove-billed anis and I got a great picture of one.

Boxfish, Nov2016We were happy to see that Candace and Norman had arrived back on their boat Kyalami at the marina. As we visited we were entertained by a pair of boxfish. After Richard and I walked over to the Pacific side we met at Sea Masters in Barra de Navidad for a lovely lunch.

Sea Masters, Nov2016

Melaque Market, Nov2016Today was market day in Melaque. We went to buy a few things including legumes (chick peas, lentils). Parrot, Nov2016We were surprised to see a parrot on the overhead power lines. It has been suggested that the parrot had escaped from a nearby cage. But it was great to see a free one!

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