Our favourite past time

We have started doing our favourite past time: going for walks to see birds and other wildlife. On Monday we went back to the Grand Bay Hotel and walked to the golf course. Butterfly, Nov2016We have never been here this early in the season so there was a different combination of birds to see. It had rained last weekend so the flowers were out in wonderful colours as well. We walk up the hill to a view point of Barra de Navidad. We call it Dougies lookout as our mascot likes to have their picture taken there.

Douglas' lookout, Nov2016

Green kingfisher, Nov2016We were lucky to spot a green kingfisher at the golf course. We have seen him there in previous years but have never been able to get a picture of him.

Iguana, Nov2016We spotted an iguana climbing along a tree limb and he showed his anger at a bird that came too close!

Western kingbird, Nov2016 Today we hiked up the hill behind our apartment. Saul at the marina office suggested it was a good place to see birds. It also has a great view of the bay were we will be spending the next 2 months!

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