Splash down in San Carlos

Boat launch San Carlos Mexico2005 We ended up having the boat put in the water on November 9th.

Having your boat launched is one of the most stressful times on the boat. In Marina Seca the boat needs to be put on a “cama baja” system that is used to transported the boat to the water, along local roads… It is quite a sight to see your boat moving on land!

Boat launch San Carlos  Mexico2005 The Mexicans do this so often it is like clock work, within 10 minutes you are off the transport and secured at dock!! Richard was very relieved to find that the engine turned over first try!!

Boat launch San Carlos  Mexico2005We were lucky to get a slip at the marina and spent a week cleaning and preparing the boat, putting up the sails and putting on provisions (beer, rum…) prior to crossing the Sea of Cortez, back to the Baja Peninsula.

Sunrise San Carlos Mexico2005This is one of the many spectacular sunrises that we saw…

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