Another walk in the woods

Cooper, Panama We have had a couple of days with almost no rain. We are just about done all our boat jobs and are looking forward to testing out the boat. Keith from Lyman Morse arrives on the 10th and the marine surveyor is coming out on the 12th. Hopefully we can resolve all the outstanding issues with our repairs and head off sailing shortly thereafter.

We took the dog of the executive chef from the marina’s restaurant for a few walks. Cooper seemed a bit bored and was happy to walk along with Richard.

Toucan, PanamaMonkey, PanamaWe were lucky to see another type of toucan, we believe it is a keel-billed toucan based on its colourful bill, and several howler monkeys on our walks. We have heard the howlers alot while we have been at the marina but this was the first sighting of them. It was fun to watch them eat and move amongst the trees.

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