Shelter Bay Storage, Panama

Snowaway being hauled, Panama Snowaway was hauled out of the water on Monday May 21 at Shelter Bay Marina. It went very well and we were impressed with the staff. Victor operates the 100 ton lift; he dove into the water to ensure the straps were in the correct place on the hull. The lift is larger than the one in Trinidad and we did not have to remove our fore stay this time. That saved us some time (and cost) in getting ready. Once out of the water, the staff power washed the bottom to remove the slime that had accumulated on its bottom.

Snowaway being moved, PanamaSnowaway in dry storage, PanamaThey then put Snowaway on a trailer and moved her to the secure dry storage area. In all there were 9 men helping with the process.
Here she will remain for the summer months, having repairs done for the lightning damage.

We are flying home on May 24th.

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