Leah’s visit – Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays, Grenadines turtleTobago Cays, Grenadines Next we were off to the Tobago Cays. This is an amazing place, surrounded by the Horseshoe Reef and is a National Park. They charge 10 EC (about $4) per day per person to be here and it is well worth it. The water south of the island called Baradel is roped off as turtles like to eat the grass just off it. Swimming with the turtles is an amazing experience and we saw lots!! Because we anchor close to this island, turtles pop out of the water on a regular basis to look at us.
Scrawled filefish, Tobago CaysWe had several snorkels, on different parts of the reef and saw lots of the usual fishes. There was one that was new to us, the Scrawled Filefish, and Leah captured it on camera for us.
Tobago Cays, St Vicent We went to shore on Petit Bateau for a local barbeque of fresh lobster with all the trimmings. We didn’t think we could eat all the food they provided but we made short work of it!
We had to go back to Union Island to check out of St Vincent. Sailing to Grenada The next day we had a great sail back to Grenada, and we spotted a large leatherback turtle, the first we had seen at sea in over 13,000 miles.

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