Portsmouth, Dominica

Portsmouth, Dominica We are in Portsmouth on a mooring ball. Our local guide is Martin Carrierre on Providence. We have used him from our first visit and he gets better each time. He is now like family. We had sent him an email that we were coming and when we arrived we were greeted with fresh grapefruits and flowers. Martin, DominicaWe arrived with 2 other boats, Kardia and Aphrodite, and he quickly took the captains to customs to check in. Like all the guides in this bay, Martin manages check-ins, garbage and laundry (the most important to me as it is the cheapest I’ve found in the Caribbean!).
Richard, Dominica But the best are the trips that he leads. On Sunday he took us for a snorkeling trip to the south end of the bay. Although Dominica is reputed to be one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, we find the snorkeling to be just average. We have heard that Scots Head at the south end of the island is excellent for diving. As we do not dive we cannot confirm that.
Group hike, DominicaToday he took us on a hike up the hill near the bay. We got bay leaves, cinnamon bark, lemon grass, tyme and, of course, coconuts. And we had great views back to the bay.

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