Erica Arrives, finally…

Erica buying spices, Grenada My cousin Erica was due to fly into Grenada last night arriving at 6:30. Richard and I arranged to have a taxi take us to the airport and wait for us while we picked up Erica. By 7pm the security told us that everyone on the plane had come through customs. So off we went to the Liat desk to find out what happened to Erica. She had been moved to a flight that was now due to arrive at 9:30 pm. We had the taxi take us back tot he marina where we had dinner and then back to the airport for 9:30. It was about 10:30 when Erica finally appeared at the exit. It took her 7.5 hours to fly for 0.5 hours! A nice welcome to Caribbean time!
St George, Grenada For her first day in Grenada we spent the day in St George, shopping and enjoying the views.

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