Grenada tour

Constantine Waterfall, Grenada We hired a taxi driver for the day to show Erica and our fellow cruisers Penny and Ron from Arctic Vixen a few of the sights of Grenada. It is Penny’s birthday today so we wanted to make sure she had a good time.
The rainy season is just coming to an end so the country is lush and green. Our first stop was at the Constantine waterfall just off the side of the road. With all the rain, the roads are often in poor repair but the Chinese government had recently rebuilt the bridge near these falls making our stop easier.
Annandale waterfall, GrenadaThen it was off to the Annandale waterfalls. We had visited these last year but we were the first group to arrive and the cliff divers were not yet set up. So we had a lovely walk through the gardens.
View to the Atlantic, GrenadaWe hoped to walk around the lake at the Grand Etang National Park. It is in a volcanic crater and we heard it would only take a half hour. Once we got there, the rains had made it too muddy and slippery to attempt. So we walked along the ridge above the lake. The views from there were lovely.
Nutmeg workers, Grenada Next was a visit to the nutmeg processing station. Before Hurricane Ivan 140 people worked at this station; we only saw 2 women sorting the nutmegs by hand.
Our final stop of the day was at La Sagesse Nature Centre for a walk along a beautiful beach.
We are now back in Prickly Bay in time to check out of Grenada and prepare for our sail to Union Island in the Grenadines.
Arctic Vixen, Grenada

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