Karen’s Birthday

Snowaway, Kearton Bay On Karen’s birthday we left Bequia and sailed to a small bay just south of Wallilabou called Kearton Bay. We picked up a mooring ball outside the Rock Side Cafe. In the afternoon we snorkelled along the edge of the bay and saw amazing numbers of fish.
Kearton Bay, St Vincent In the evening the owner of the Rock Side Cafe, Orlando picked us from our boat and made us a very special dinner. His cafe is right at his house and it was like we were his guests.
Orlando, Rock Side CafeOrlando is very proud of his place and showed us his “solar oven”. He says he can roast a chicken in about 2 hours using this devise.
Karen, St Vincent We started with a rum punch and watched the sun set on Snowaway. Dinner started with callaloo (like spinach) soup and fresh salad. The main course was mahi mahi and he served 5 sides including breadfruit (our first taste of it – very bland!) and fresh peas out of his garden. He even had a nice chilled white wine to accompany our feast.

It was a memorable birthday!

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