Splash down

Chaguaramas, Trinidad Chaguaramas, Trinidad November 18 was the big day, the day Snowaway splashed down. It is very nerve racking watching them maneuver the travel lift into place; the boats on the hard are very close together. The driver has a navigator on the ground telling him how to move so that he doesn’t knock down the adjacent boat’s jacks. We were very happy to see that Power Boats has bought a new travel lift that is 10 feet longer. That means when we get hauled in April we will not need to remove our forestay and have Richard push the inner forestay away from the lift as it is moved through the yard. Chaguaramas, Trinidad Richard rode on Snowaway on the travel lift to the water. Snowaway went into the water no problem, and there were no leaks. Yan, our diesel engine, started on the first try.Chaguaramas, Trinidad The riggers, Gary and Chris from Trinidad Rigging gave the rig a nice tune up and we are almost ready to head off.