Back in Trinidad

Chauguaramas, Trinidad Dutchies new coat, TrinidadWe have arrived back in Trinidad and were very pleased that our boat was in great shape. We are staying in a small apartment on the grounds of Power Boats while we clean Snowaway and get her ready to launch. Snowaway still has her shrink wrap on her so it has given us some shade while we replace the running rigging, check that our dinghy still holds his air and wash and reverse the anchor rode.

Galveston, Texas Pumpkins We had a nice visit in Houston with Terri & Eric. When we arrived, our job was to carve their pumpkins. Terri had bought some great designs and Richard went to work to create a few masterpieces! We also spent a lovely day with Ilse, Dave and Katrina in Katy. We had to drive down to Kemah for lunch and then on the Galveston to view the recovery from Hurricane Ike. We were surprised at how little damage is obvious. They are still rebuilding the jetties along the Galveston beach but most of the buildings have been repaired (or torn down).

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