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Esquipulas, Guatemala

Basilica de Esquipulas, Guatemala On the way back to San Salvador we made a brief stop at Esquipulas in Guatemala to see the church that houses the “black” Christ, a statue carved in dark balsam wood. It is believed to have miracles associated with it and people come from miles around to touch it and they line up for hours to walk by it…
Inside candles are lit where ever there is space.Basilica de Esquipulas, Guatemala

Copan, Honduras

Copan, Honduras We drove to Copan, the major Mayan site in Honduras. We stayed in Copan Ruinas which has a nice museum, a good add on to the site itself. Copan ball court, Honduras Copan was one of the most important Mayan cities during the height of their civilization. It had a well restored ball court.
Copan stella 3, HondurasWhat we found interesting about this site was the way they had left a lot of the trees that had overgrown the buildings on the site.

Copan stella, Honduras Copan stella 2, Honduras Copan is most noted for its stelae that depict the lives of its rulers.

Scarlet Macaws at Copan, HondurasMontezuma oropendola at Copan, HondurasWe were happy to see some beautiful birds here, some we had not seen before.

Mayan sites in El Salvador

Joya de Cerén, El Salvador We took a road trip to see some Mayan sites in El Salvador and Copan in Honduras. We hired a guide, Lilo, who was advertised at the marina. She came with a car and driver and was a great find. Her husband was a civil engineer and he traveled alot for his work so she kept herself busy showing visitors her country.
Joya de Cerén, El SalvadorOur first stop was Joya de Cerén, a Mayan village that had been buried beneath volcanic ash by an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano in about 460 AD; the Central American equivalent to Pompeii. This site has provided much information of how the average Mayans lived.
San Andrés, El Salvador Next we went to San Andrés, about 32 km from San Salvador. The Mayans had settled here about 500 BC and became a ceremonial, political and commercial center. They had strong ties to Copan in Honduras and Teotihuacan in Mexico.
San Andrés, El SalvadorEl Salvador is just recovering from over a decade of civil war and it is not uncommon to see security guards carrying weapons.
Archaeological sites in El Salvador have not been excavated and restored to any degree; El Salvador only has one trained archaeologist on staff.