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Shackleford Banks, North Carolina Nov 2008 While our boat was at Deerfield Marina for the adding of some “toys”, we did a few tourist things. We visited Shackleford Banks to see the wild horses. The Banks are part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore which consists of 4 barrier islands called the “Outer Banks”. Local knowledge claims that the horses were survivors of ship wrecks of Spanish boats, similar to the horses found on our Sable Island, Nova Scotia. The horse population is now maintained at about 120, controlled by park officials to avoid overpopulation and damage to the area.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse, North Carolina Nov 2008 We also went to see the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, exploring the Visitors Center as well as the barrier islands.  The only way to reach the islands is by boat. Each of the large lighthouses along this part of the coast has a distinct pattern so sailors can easily distinguish them during the day and know where they are. Beaufort, North Carolina The black diamonds on this lighthouse point north and south.  At night, each of the lights have a distinctive pattern. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is 169 feet tall.


The boat name

Snowaway, Beaufort, North Carolina Nov 2008 Before we left Calgary we had a “Name that Boat” party.  We had agreed that we would name her one of the top 3 names from the party,  However we wanted to spend some time with her before we chose a name.  We did choose the top “vote getting” name from the party “Snowaway” that was offered by Robert Matheson.  We would like to thank Robert for his catchy name! 

The runner-up for the boat name was “Borealis” suggested by Eric Foster, named for the Greek god of the North wind… we think Boreas has been getting even with us because it has been COLD – we had snow flurries several times in November!

We had a local sign designer create our name and it was put on the boat on November 6th.

The Launch

Beaufort, North CarolinaBeaufort, North CarolinaNovember 4th was the big day for the launch of our boat.  It was very traumatic to watch the crew bring in the travel lift and move her to the water, more so when we learned that the travel lift operator was a trainee! The lift was not that large so they had to remove the forestay for the lift. Richard walked along side the boat as it was moved to the water.

Clear of slings, North Carolina Nov 2008 Once at the water’s edge the boat was slowly lowered into the water.  Triton Marine Services then ensured that all the through hulls were water tight before releasing the lift.  She was then tied up to the dock for final inspection before being moved to Deerfield Marina where the final “toys” are to be installed. 

Deerfield Marina is on the ICW at mile 200 (mile zero is at Norfolk Virginia).

Commissioning our Caliber

Guiding the mast, North Carolina Oct 2008 Beaufort, North CarolinaAfter the thrill of seeing her for the first time, the first significant day for us was October 31 when they moved our boat out of the shed and put the mast on her.  They had to wait for a calm day to do this tricky manoeuvre.  It was amazing to see the crane lift up the mast and then set it on to the boat.  The Selden mast is well engineered – we liked the attention to detail such as tangs with built-in recesses for the cotter pins! We did not know the tradition of placing a coin under the mast so we have an American quarter there. If we ever need to remove the mast, it will be replaced with a toonie!

Beaufort, North Carolina      After the mast was put up, we needed to make her ready for the official launch into the water, including installing the chain rode and Fortress anchor (our secondary anchor).

Additional pictures on this event can be seen in the Picture Galleries page.

Arriving in Beaufort

First look, North Carolina Nov 2008 Clearwater, FloridaOur brand new sailboat, a Caliber 40LRC, was delivered to Beaufort North Carolina in early October.  We arrived on October 19th after visiting friends in Houston and driving across the States with a stop in New Orleans.  We saw our new boat the next day.  It was inside Triton Marines Services’ workshop having the fridge / freezer, autopilot and all the electronics (VHF, SSB, stereo, radar and GPS) installed.  The technicians at Triton Marine were very talented at commissioning boats – they do a few Calibers every year.  When we arrived in North Carolina they had just completed an upgrading course with Raytheon/Raymarine electronics.

Beaufort waterfront, North Carolina Nov 2008 Beaufort, North Carolina, established in 1709, has long been an important base for whalers, fishermen and pirates including Blackbeard!  Many of the buildings and homes in the 12 block area of the historic waterfront district along Taylor’s Creek are the same as they have been for centuries.  Thanks to the Historic Preservation Committee, Beaufort looks today as much as possible as it did in the past. And they have a great Maritime Museum with artifacts from The Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s ship. The Watercraft Center has a collection of wooden boats and there are usually several projects on the go, either restoration or new boats, that can be viewed.

Beaufort, North Carolina Beaufort, North CarolinaBeaufort is a lovely community with lots to do.  We have rented an apartment in an historic building with a view of the harbour.  We can sit on the porch to watch the sunsets…