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Heading South

We left Calgary on Sunday to drive down to Barra de Navidad. We have rented a house there for 6 months starting November 1. It was a busy few weeks getting ready to leave so we decided to just drive to Great Falls, Montana the first day. We had a windy drive down but enjoyed the countryside.

Rivers Edge Trail, Great Falls Oct 2017Once we got to Great Falls we took a long walk along the River’s Edge Trail from West Bank Park. Bear statue, Great Falls Oct 2017We saw lots of Canada Geese and Ring-billed Gulls as well as a few mallards and common mergansers.

Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana Oct 2017The next day we stopped at The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. This is where a significant battle occurred between the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians and the United States Army. On June 25th 1876 the Indians routed the army in the major battle. Custers Last Stand, Oct 2017This site has markers showing where each soldier and Indian fell. It was quite moving to see the markers, especially where Custer’s last stand was.

Rattle snake, Oct 2017We went for several walks through the park and were surprised by this rattler! We then cut our hiking short!

We are driving through Wyoming next.

In Panama

We are in Panama now. We had a 53 hour sail from Santa Marta Colombia to Provenir in the San Blas Islands, Panama. We had a few nice stops in the San Blas Islands. Yesterday morning we were hit by lightning. We have lost many of our electronics and are now on our way to Shelter Bay, near Colon. We should be there tomorrow and we will update the web shortly.

Leaving Trinidad

We have left Trinidad, probably not to return on Snowaway. We have enjoyed our time there as it is very cruiser friendly. There is a cruiser’s radio net every morning including Sundays at 8 am on VHF 68. The net provides weather, help, social activities and local services. Sadie from Kiss while providing excellent weather reports also provided us with check in info for Grenada, St Vincent and the ABCs.
Power Boats, Trinidad We have left our boat every season with Power Boats. The office staff, fronted by Charlene and Simone, are very helpful, including arranging services for us. Rico came aboard Snowaway regularly while we were home in Canada, ensuring that she was always in perfect condition when we returned to her. Power Boats, Trinidad And Michael, the Travelift driver, always got Snowaway out of and back into the water without incident. We could not be happier with the service we received from Power Boats.
Jesse James of Members Only Maxi Taxi provides weekly transportation for the cruisers to three major stores and the local farmers market as well as Tuesday night at the movies. Jesse also arranges sightseeing trips. We were pleased to have travelled with him to visit Asa Wright Nature Centre (twice), the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to see the scarlet ibis (national bird of Trinidad), the Nariva mangrove swamp, the Angostura distillery (home of the infamous Bitters), to see steel pan construction, and to hear an international steel pan competition, and of course to see the leather back turtles laying their eggs (twice).
Roti Hut at Power Boats, Trinidad In the Power Boats yard is the Roti Hut, our favorite lunch spot. We had their veggie roti or buss up shot every second day during our time in Trinidad. One needs to be there by noon or they can run out of food! And also on site is Sails, a restaurant that makes the best callaloo soup we have had in the Caribbean. Their Wednesday night barbequed kabobs are a special treat.
Crews Inn, Trinidad Just before we get hauled out and once we splash down we like to spend a few nights at Crews Inn Marina. They have a very nice swimming pool to help one cool down after a day of working on the boat. Once a month they have a cocktail party to thank the cruisers which includes rum punch and appies. The shopping complex has a café, a restaurant (with great she-crab soup and pumpkin soup), a grocery store, a wine store, and the Customs and Immigration offices. A very easy lifestyle for the cruisers….


Admiralty Bay, Bequia We are currently in Admiralty Bay on Bequia. We arrived on Monday after a slow sail from the Pitons.
The winds have been strong since we got here; a fellow cruiser said he recorded 38 knot winds on Tuesday. We have seen 2 boats drag their anchors, one hit another boat, and one mooring with a large ketch on it dragged at least 60 feet.
Richard at Fort Hamilton, BequiaWe walked up to Fort Hamilton yesterday; it is on a 300 foot high hill at the entrace to Admiralty Bay. It was constructed by the British in the late 1700s and is named after Alexander Hamilton who was born on Nevis.
Tomorrow the winds should be okay to travel further south. Our next stop will be Petit St Vincent.